"Looking to buy or build your first home? If you're anything like us you'd love to see and hear reviews of a perfect process where everything went smoothly. Our process was not perfect-and that is exactly why you want to know what we have to say! During our Sale Barry got us multiple offers and Theresa walked us through the pros and cons of each one to help us choose what was best for our family! Between a developer, their agent, you, your agent, the bank, and for us an added bonus of a VA home loan you end up with a lot of cooks in the kitchen! Over the 5 months of our build when an issue arose the team had our back. Our concerns were never downplayed, or pushed to the back burner. If a tough conversation was necessary and I was weary--we were assured my opinions or decisions were clearly conveyed! The team was there to work around our schedule, always informed and prepared for our meeting!"

  -Shannon Butler, Client

Homes for Heroes

Theresa Halvorson